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Green Monkey Barbados Gazebo and Pool Garden

Why have people been coming to BARBADOS
on holiday for generations?

  • Direct flights - from a number of world capitals on a number of airlines;
  • The weather - reliable and wonderful;
  • Compass point contrasts:
    WEST = the Caribbean's placid, sandy beaches vs. EAST = the wildness of the Atlantic; NORTH = spectacular scenery in the parish of St Andrew ("the Scottish District") vs. SOUTH = the bustle of Bridgetown & the South Coast;
  • Activities / a variety of things to see and experience for all the family / whether it's adventure you're looking for or something more leisurely ...caves, gullies and the sea itself to explore; plantations & historic homes, gardens & charming old towns to visit... A comprehensive folder of recommended pastimes is, of course, provided.
Barbados coat of arms

BARBADOS: your island